January 15, 2010

Bar Henry

My dad asked me where I like to go out to eat in the city.  The problem is I never go anywhere twice (most of the time).  That's part of the joy of going out in NYC is there are SO many choices & I love trying new places.  So last night when my friends suggested Bar Henry Bistro on West Houston, we were game!  We walked in and thought it was just a bar area, but then your gaze goes back further and you can't really tell if it's a mirror or another room.  Well, it's another room it's kind of like Alice in Wonderland because the room's ceiling gets lower and it's lined in copper sheeting for a really warm and cozy glow with all of the candlelight they have around. The cocktails are good (and strong) and the menu is good (and limited).  It's really easy food so don't be put off by the menu.  Best of all it won't break the bank and it's a good time.  I highly recommend it as a meeting place for dinner.  Though would I go again?  Probably only if I was in the area.

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