January 5, 2010


One of these days I'll get off of the whole soup thing, it's just been that time of year.  My parents down in Charleston sent me a care package over the holidays with the makings for a 13 Bean Super Soup and a hand picked lemon (the soup calls for a lemon).  It took a little planning on my part to get my act together to make the soup since the beans need to soak over night.  Normally what to have for dinner is decided about an hour before it gets made when I'm standing in the grocery staring at a pile of veggies or the meat counter.
It came out great, and when dinner is made the night before it's even better.  I put a bag of baby spinach in it for some greens, and celery just because it was in the fridge.  Also, my grocer didn't have ham hocks so I used some slabs of smoked Canadian bacon, and it called for water and I used chicken stock. So I did a little doctoring.  But I would totally make it again.

How cool is it that they can pick an amazing lemon out of their friends back yard?

The only other thing it needed was some crusty garlic bread. 

Thanks Mom & Dad!!!

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  1. Anonymous6.1.10

    Just the ma and pa saying "You're welcome". Kudos on your photos. Oh, I remember the days when you traipsed many a day in NYC selecting "correct" artistic dining peices from table cloths and beyond for Food and Wine. You are most ably recreating that experience. Congrats! M&D