January 30, 2010

Dinner on the Upper East Side

If you've ever found yourself on the upper east side and just don't know where to eat, Parlor Steakhouse is a safe bet.  At 1600 3rd Ave at 90th, it's up there, but then again where else are you going to eat?  We went last night and it's also restaurant week, however their prices are already good so for $35 for an app, dinner and dessert you could almost do that with their regular menu - it's not overpriced at all.  Reservations are probably a good idea.  My clam chowder was awesome filled with smoked bacon, cream and clams - it doesn't get much better.  The cheeseburger was great - we don't have burgers like that here in South Norwalk & it came with a bowl of great fries + thin shoelace onion rings + aoli = happiness on a Friday evening.  The bone-in aged sirloin and mashed potatoes were also something to order if you're hungry.
Cocktails are a must - the Arnold Palmer with sweat tea vodka, ice tea, lemonade and muddled mint was great as well as the margarita with cucumber and red pepper spiked tequila.
Definitely a mixed crowd - young old, artsy etc.  Which is always good when no everyone is of the same genre.  The servers were also great and put up with the debauchery that came from our table with a smile.  Check it out it's totally worthwhile especially with a group.  Again, is it on my list to go back?  Probably not given all the other places I HAVE to try in the city.
Happy Weekend!

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