January 11, 2010

Dreaming of my spring garden

I'm very fortunate to be living on the water.  Some people love the mountains, desert, whatever other setting you can name; I love living on the water.  Every day the light is different.  Tonight the late afternoon was very pink, and the water was exceptionally calm.  

Monday's are my day offTo get back to my creative roots & to fill my Monday mornings, I've decided to take a jewelry and light metals class up at Silvermine Arts School.  Today was only the first class and I LOVED being back in a studio.  It was great to come home to the above and hunker down for the afternoon (I made a stew and cookies more tomorrow on that).  
I was so happy when I looked out my window at 4:45 and it wasn't going to be dark right at 5pm!!! It defininaly makes me want to start planning my garden.  Last year, I got to participate in our towns organic community garden.  Each plot is something like 8'x10' and you can grow almost whatever you want as long as it's organic.  You employ whatever type of gardening method you desire.  This summer began as cold and wet & I received my plot a bit late in the game.  When I finally began to plant it was almost the end of June.  I come from a long line of farmers, I def have the bug, let's hope I have the talent.  I was flipping through photos of my garden, and it was fun to see the progression of how I did throughout the summer!

There was so much to grow, I hope next summer to have a bounty of greens and carrots.  It's really amazing how much you can grow in such a little space.  I think the idea of that size plot is to be able to provide for a family of four for the growing season.  Unfortunatly this summer a blight went throught the northeast and my tomatos didn't do all so well.  I took a lot of care to buy my organic seedlings from Gilberti's Herb Farm and thought I was picking the BEST tomato plants.  Well, they got the blight, the funny thing is that the guy with the garden next to me gave me 2 of his home started seedlings and they performed the best of everything in my garden.  Just gooes to show you if you want something done right, do it yourself.

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