January 30, 2010

Fun Jewelry Storage

Since I've been taking this jewelry class, I'll have some new pieces (pics to come when they are finished) I need to store.  I never like keeping my jewelry in boxes because it all ends up heaped on top of each other.  So here are some fun jewelry storage ideas.  The first one I LOVE.
Just a simple jewelry tree, all sorts of nooks and crannies to hang and perch. It's $130 so a little pricey but comes from a store that's quite lovely Lunares

These are simple from Pottery Barn, and I think that I could make these from old frames.  I love the hooks and the wire that is strung across.  I think finding old frames and painting them would be a lot of fun.  To buy all three from Pottery Barn is over $100 for something that looks like it came from the flee market... Maybe a fun weekend project for next week.

This one is sweet and petite and cheap! from Wrapables

This one is from Etsy, I also have a soft spot for things that are handmade.  This is copper and red oak

This little ring holder from Urban Outfitters doesn't get much more simple or cheap $5!

I really like this last one.  It's from BB Teen and has lots of compartments and holes around the edges for dangles.  This might be the one for me along with a frame or two hanging on the wall behind it.
Happy Weekend!


  1. Love the choices - much better than the vanity glass top 'spread method' hehe

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