January 3, 2010

Steak - I've been schooled

Well after two attempts at dining last night we finally found dinner.  The first attempt was at LeFarm in Westport - they were fully booked.  The second attempt was at Bonda also in Westport - they were closed for the holiday weekend. Bonda has reduced hours anyway so I guess I wasn't all that surprised.
We decided on a get in the car and go method, and the car took us to Joseph's Steakhouse in Bridgeport.  I know it's hard to think of anything nice being in Bridgeport but I've heard this is on par with Peter Luger in Brooklyn.
We arrived to an old-school steak place with brick walls and heavy wood moldings, perfect for a cold winter eve.  When I go for a steak, I always get the fillet.  I know there are cuts that may have more flavor, but when a fillet is done right it melts like butter.  After getting a recommendation to order the T-Bone for 2 we went for it with gusto ordering it medium/rare also on recommendation.  A T-Bone has a fillet on one side and a sirloin on the other. 
The steak arrived perfectly cooked and sliced from the bone.  I dug into the fillet and it was great, not melt in your mouth, but a great flavor.  Next I tried the sirloin and to my surprise it was MORE tender then the fillet!?!? I grabbed the waiter and told him about my surprise.  His answer was simple.  The beef is dry aged.  Since there is less fat in the fillet it actually dries out more and may not be the most tender cut of meet!!!  So I may now be a sirloin fan. Who knew?!?

In the end we had a great dinner better than the last steak from Capital Grill...

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