January 3, 2010

Variation on a theme

Last year our Wild Oats became Whole Foods.  I'm lucky to have a store close by, however the takeover was a bad thing.  A lot of the brands that Wild Oats used to stock are no longer on the shelves and it's iffy for other items if they will even be available, such as organic granny smith apples, baby spinach, sliced mushrooms and escarole to name a few.  Come on Whole Foods get your act together.
For our last night of a marathon vacation I made a simple modified soup over pasta. Not to mention the wheat pasta I bought had a hole in the bag so I had to use a backup.  It was similar to the Kale stew I made last week, it started the same way however I added cannellini beans instead of lentils and it was a lot more chunky and brothy.  It was quite soothing considering the numbing temperatures outside.

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