February 5, 2010

For today I'm so excited a snow storm is coming, I hope we get walloped!! Here's something bright and cheery to welcome the snow! I've been wanting something colorful over my dining table.  I don't have electric to hang a chandelier and I haven't found one to convert to put candles in, so I also LOVE the idea of hanging some sort of mobile to help define the space and add a little color and movement.  Here are a few that I think are great options.  Calder is one of my favorite artists and most of them are completely inspired by him - all of them embrace his love of color.  I love that most of them are customizable!!Enjoy!
Sweet poms from Pom Love colorfull splashes find here
I LOVE LOVE LOVE These!!! They are all customizable made in steel and AFFORDABLE!!! Sweet styles I think one of these is a MUST!!! Find them here 

These are what prompted this post.  I saw these on Apartment Therapy this week and got me thinking of alternatives for a chandelier.  They're are fun and lightweight and also come in custom colors.  It's amazing all that you can find on Etsy.  These are from the Wonderland Studio.

I like that this one is glass, I think it would give it a nice weight and transparency. Find this and more from the same artist here