February 2, 2010

quick dinner of flounder

Ok, it's not a gourmet dinner but it's very tasty and diet conscious... I don't make much fish at home.  Not for any reason it's not like I have an aversion to it my default is to go with land animals... So we had a late lunch yesterday and wanted something light for dinner.  I started out wanting shrimp.  It's impossible to get FRESH wild caught shrimp deveined at Whole Foods or wild shrimp that's not gigantic.  Everything else comes from Thailand!!!  Can you believe that?  Check all of their frozen veggies and fish a LOT of it comes from Thailand.  And if you've read any of the articles about farmed shrimp or shrimp from Thailand it will gross you out so much that you will also look to see where it's from (I promise)So They had wild caught flounder that looked really fresh and here you go!  
All I had to do with dip in egg wash and then in bread crumbs pan seared in evoo for 1 minute each side and it was perfect!  I served with a quick lentil pilaf and sauted spinach with a tons of garlic and black pepper.  The longest part of dinner was the lentils!  Maybe I'll have to try fish more often.  

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