February 10, 2010

Snowy strawberry stuffed french toast

So for the first time, maybe ever I have a snow day!  When you can walk to work there aren't many opportunities to say you can't make it in.  Breakfast is my FAVORITE meal! I can't start the day without breakfast - even if I sleep untill 2 in the afternoon, I still need to start my day with an egg or something breakfasty.  This morning - after my green juice (see other posts), I made this strawberry stuffed french toast and it was awesome!!

Light sour cream and confectioners sugar to taste - that's it!  You might start with 1/3 C sour cream and a tablespoon sugar and go from there.  Remember if you add too much sugar you can't take it out! Chopped strawberries (organic!).

French toast
I like white bread for my french toast but it works with whatever - baguette, wheat, sour dough etc
3 eggs
1/3C milk
generous amount of cinnamin
a couple grates of nutmeg
no sugar, I let the syrup and filling sweeten the toast

In a pie dish, mix together everything for the french toast (not the bread) with a fork. 
Let a heavy skillet heat up on medium heat, you want the bread to sizzle when you drop it it. 
When ready to cook, add a tablespoon butter to cooking surface. 
Place the bread in the mixture for about 20 seconds each side and place in skillet, flip when golden brown.

Heat plates - A warm plate helps food like french toast and pancakes from becoming soggy
Smear (yes I said smear) about 2 tablespoons of filling followed by chopped strawberries on one piece of toast and top with the other.  Serve with WARM maple syrup and I like a big glass of milk!!!