February 3, 2010

Ultimate baked potato!

I woke up to snow this morning, but it's already gone (darn!).  I actually like it to snow in the winter rather than just being cold and windy - because then the cold actually has a purpose...  So here's my ultimate baked potato or one version of it.  This one has no bacon since there is SO much flavor coming from the veggies.
There is a potato under there I promise.  I just baked potatoes till done I tossed them in evoo and salt first so the skins have flavor (don't forget you can eat the skins).  Then as they were finishing I sauted garlic, 1 onion, 1 green pepper and mushrooms until golden. Don't forget to deglaze the skillet to release all of the flavor from the veggies.  I also steamed some broccoli for a bit a greenness.  When the potatoes were done, I split them open used a tiny bit of butter, monteray jack and layered with all of the veggies and topped with sour cream.  Makes for a great dinner esp on a  day like today.  It actually tasted like a steak and cheese but with all veggies and you won't even miss the steak...