March 28, 2010

30 Minute Lemon Poached Grey Sole with Spinach & Couscous

I'm still trying to help Chris with this crazy elimination diet he's trying.  Over the weekend there was a MAJOR derailment but we're back on.  After driving by Pepe's Pizza on Saturday night to see that there was no line we ended up eating A LOT of pizza.  Cheese, bread and pepperoni all things that are not on the list of things he can eat... With that said we're trying this all over again.
This is REALLY a 30 minute meal!
6 fillets Grey Sole
5 shallots
6 cloves garlic
1 package baby spinach
chicken stock
olive oil
salt & pepper

-Prepare couscous per package, I made mine with chicken stock, olive oil and black pepper.
-Wash and roll 6 Grey Sole fillets and secure each with a thin lemon slice
-Heat two skillets each on medium heat and add enough olive oil to lightly coat
-Chop 5 shallots and 6 cloves of garlic
-Wash and dry 1 package baby spinach
-In one skillet add shallots and 1/3 of garlic saute until brown
-In other skillet add garlic and saute until just golden add pinch of salt pepper and spinach and cook until just done.
-To boiling stock add fillets and cover cook for 4 minutes.
-Remove fillets and place on warm plate, 
-Reduce stock for 2 minutes.
-To the shallots add 1 cup of chicken stock and bring to a boil.


  1. Anonymous29.3.10

    That looks SO good. I bet it would taste fantastic on a warm summer evening with a glass of cold wine....

  2. A light meal after this Easter will probably feel very good. Poached fish is always a winner!

  3. Love a true 30 minute meal and this looks wonderful!

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