April 7, 2010

Dinners at the Farm CT

Ever since I first heard about this I've been dying to go.  At first I thought it was something that only happens in Napa in the middle of some magic winery / farm at sunset...  Many times I forget that CT was once and still has a ton of farm land & for the first time the number of new farms and organic farms is on the rise!  I scored tickets for this year's Dinner at the Farm taking place in August, I know it's a long way out but it happens to fall on my anniversary and what better way to celebrate!
The one I got tickets for is being held at Barberry Hill Farm in Madison.  There's something I love about farms on the coast, maybe it's the salty air with the farm air - I don't know.  There are a few dates for this farm and then more dates for another farm in Lyme.  All of the food is locally produced and cooked right there on the spot.  Cocktails and wine are also included in the price of the dinner.  You too can score tickets at a substantial discount if you buy before May 1... check it out!  One thing I should also mention is that the by coming to the dinner the food is locally purchased from farmers and donations are made to local food related charities so the benefits are wide.


  1. Lauren,
    I'm delighted to meet a stylist/foodie/gardener/designer/fellow blogger like you. Thanks so much for the tweet. Your blog is delightful, fresh & fun! I look forward to visiting you often. Would love for you to become a friend of my blog TLPC, also I Love Dinners at the Farm. They need something like this in Lexington. hmmmm...ideas starting to fly around in my head as I type.
    Have a great weekend.