April 6, 2010

What's in your garden?

This year I got a jump on my garden.  I live in a condo with no land to work so I garden between my window boxes (flowers and herbs) and the local community garden (veggies and more herbs).  This is the third year for Fodor Farm in Norwalk, CT I got in last year after being on the wait list for a year.  Since it's conception it's grown in popularity and has a wait list of over 100 people.  I love it because it's close to my home and totally organic and there are "laws" put in place to make sure people really do use their garden for agriculture and not just flowers or nothing at all.  The plots are 4x10.  If you make the most of you plot it will produce enough veggies for a family of 4 in one growing season!

Last year I started late - end of June, which is late in gardening speak.  There was also a tomato blight that destroyed most of the tomatoes in the region.  Despite the odds my garden produced in its first year.  This year it's the beginning of April and I've already started with my seeds.  I'm totally inspired after eating at Paul Neuman's place in Westport and having their chopped salad with tons of baby greens, carrots and herbs.

I would love to know what's in your garden.  I'm especially interested in making the most of a small garden, raised beds, square foot gardens and how to garden organically (and not have bad bugs!).  Please feel free to comment and post links to your garden sites!  More to come as the season moves on.  As for now I'm using the square foot garden method since I had great results last year.

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