May 25, 2010

Red Spinach

This is my first time seeing (and eating) red spinach.  In effort to make everything more colorful in my garden I jumped on ordering seeds for this red veined spinach from Sheepers.  I'm really happy with these seeds in particular because they germinate quickly and produce lots!  After my first crop (a few leaves above) I took my plants out to plant more seeds, when I really could have cut them all the way back and hope that they may produce more leaves... Oh well I guess it's all part of my learning process.  

Beautiful day in the city!!!

love days like this!

May 23, 2010

fruits of my labor

I pulled these just this afternoon to use in our salad this evening!  They are the third or fourth bunch of radishes I've gotten this season with many more to come.  One of the things I kept in the back of my mind when planting is that I wanted everything to have unique color.  These are a kaleidoscope of color ranging from yellow / orange, pink, fuchsia, purple and red.  The shapes also vary from round to carrot shape.

The salad from this evening was simple with Parmesan crusted chicken.  It made even our meat eater guest enjoy the veggies (or at lease I think he enjoyed the veggies).  As I've mentioned before I'm not a salad kind of girl, but this has enough going on to keep me happy.
This is a go to salad, the combination of warm Parmesan crusted chicken with greens is sure to please anyone.  I took the breaded chicken recipe from Ina Garten.  The key is to mix fresh parmesean with bread crumbs to add flavor to the crust.  All of the greens were fresh picked as well and include a variety of lettuce and greens!

May 22, 2010

Desperately seeking GOOD sushi

** NOTE**
I don't like to pan bad resturants, however we need some good sushi options in Fairfield County people!! 
Last night was a truly disappointing and expensive sushi dinner in Stamford.  South Norwalk has an acceptable sushi joint, Kazu.  I think it's better than Nagoya & Wasabi (which I heard is going out of business?)  I go to Kazu all the time because it's walkable and good - not fantastic.  After trying all of the sushi places from here to Westport nothing is GREAT, why is this?
We tried Kotobuki last night after finding Duo to be closed.  Kotobuki came highly recommended second to Duo from both friends and Chowhound so I thought it was worth a try...  I should have ran after being handed a grimy menu and noticing that the carpet and walls were not clean not to mention there was no soap in the ladies room!?!  The fish was not beautifully fresh and the rice was mushy.  And for the quality of the food and the amount that we paid, we should have stuck with Kazu and walked home.
One of my favorite places Maya's in New Haven isn't what it used to be.  Their menu is now filled with pretentious combinations of both sushi and drink.  Although the novel type of menu is inventive - just tell me what you have and don't make me read through 20 pages of menu.
I'm not giving up.  I know there has to be some hole in the wall sushi place within 25 minutes of Norwalk that will serve me beautiful & fresh sushi... Can anyone help a girl out?

May 12, 2010

First garden salad of the season!

The first real harvest I've taken from my garden!  
The salad couldn't be more simple: rainbow radishes, spinach and various letuces!

The dressing is also just as simple:
white wine vinegar
olive oil
touch of mustard
clove of garlic
tablespoon of plain yogurt
salt and pepper to taste