May 23, 2010

fruits of my labor

I pulled these just this afternoon to use in our salad this evening!  They are the third or fourth bunch of radishes I've gotten this season with many more to come.  One of the things I kept in the back of my mind when planting is that I wanted everything to have unique color.  These are a kaleidoscope of color ranging from yellow / orange, pink, fuchsia, purple and red.  The shapes also vary from round to carrot shape.

The salad from this evening was simple with Parmesan crusted chicken.  It made even our meat eater guest enjoy the veggies (or at lease I think he enjoyed the veggies).  As I've mentioned before I'm not a salad kind of girl, but this has enough going on to keep me happy.
This is a go to salad, the combination of warm Parmesan crusted chicken with greens is sure to please anyone.  I took the breaded chicken recipe from Ina Garten.  The key is to mix fresh parmesean with bread crumbs to add flavor to the crust.  All of the greens were fresh picked as well and include a variety of lettuce and greens!