June 5, 2010

Eureka!!! GREAT Sushi in Norwalk!!

Apologies for the camera phone pics.  
After searching and MANY sushi dinners later I think I have found a gem!  Nestled in a strip mall on the way to New Cannaan right at the Norwalk border is a tiny sushi house called Little Tokyo.  It has a great little sushi bar to sit and watch art in motion as well as the most friendly owner and sushi chef's.  We went for the chef's tasting dinner which is the way to go!
Included in our dinner were some of the freshest tasting Kumamoto oysters I've had.  I normally pass on oysters of any kind but these were the perfect size and tasted just like the sea.  In addition to the beautifully fresh pieces of sushi, we were served a white fish spicy salad, trout in citrus juices, and 2 rolls.  For dessert we were given ice cream puffs.  These little puffs had a pastry shell and bean ice cream middle.  The consistency was completely odd but kept us going back for more and put smiles on our faces as if we were 5 and eating an ice cream sandwich for the first time.
I would totally go back tonight if I hadn't already reached my sushi quota for the week.  It's definitely a place I will go back to again and again and again (you get the idea).  One last thing to mention is the prices are VERY reasonable...