June 24, 2010

Fresh and Clean Cucumber Gin Fizz

Already herbal in flavor gin pairs well with most savory herbs.  This clean cocktail is perfect for the end of a scorcher (like today!).

Cucumber Gin Fizz
makes 2 cooling cocktails
2 Inch piece of cucumber diced plus some for garnish
4 Sprigs dill finely chopped plus 2 for garnish
2 Wedges lime plus more to garnish
4 oz (4 shots) Gin Tanqueray No. 10

In a cocktail shaker muddle cucumber, dill and lime
Add gin & ice
Shake well and strain into a rocks glass filled with ice
Top off with tonic and give a quick stir
Spritz with lime and top with a sprig of dill & or a slice of cucumber

For different drinks I like different types of gin.  Tanqueray has a complimentary to use in this cocktail since it's not too herbal yet still has a nice clean flavor.

Garnishes are an important clue as to the flavor in a drink especially if serving at a party and the flavor is a bit unusual.


  1. the addition of dill sounds so good, it always tastes great with cucumber....I can't wait to try this one.... :)

  2. Anonymous24.6.10

    I would recommend Aviation gin in this! It has a really nice herbal flavor that I think would compliment the dill very well. Great recipe, I can't wait to try it!

  3. Deaths Door Gin is my favorite! Bluecoat is a great Gin too. Hendricks would truly be the Gin for this though.

  4. Anonymous26.6.10

    Ooh, ooh *love* gin, this looks so summery and perfect for sipping in a white dress ^_^ If you like the cucumberiness, you might like to try Hendricks gin.

  5. Sounds delicious. I've had hendricks gin with cucumber too.

  6. Yum Lauren! I just clicked on this from P.G.
    I can't imagine the taste dill and lime together for some reason, but it sure does look good in your photo...

  7. this is HEAVEN in a glass!
    it looks killer in a tall glass with ice!
    beautiful work
    do you think it would work if I subbed perrier or pellegrino for the tonic??

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