June 9, 2010

Behind the scenes with le Farm's Bill Taibe

This past week I got to be a fly on the wall in chef Bill Taibe's kitchen.  Well it is actually my (work) kitchen, but Bill's rules.  One of the perks of my job is helping out with a dinner where Bill donates his time and food to support the JDRF in a dinner that is auctioned off to raise money to find a cure.   If you have not been to le Farm his Westport, CT restaurant I highly recommend going and be sure to book a table in advance because the space is intimate.
Armed with enough food for a five course tasting menu for ten people and his trusty assistant Bill makes himself at home.  I'm always amazed at how his dinners come together.  Each course was paired with wine from Off the Vine  in Norwalk, CT with a description presented by Vine's owner John Noakes.
All of the food was prepared in front of the guests who had a front row table (literally).  Enjoy a few shots from the evening (thanks Bill for letting me snap away).  I'll mention another perk was getting to taste what morsels and drops were left over!  I love gushing because Bill is one of the few chefs that is really out there taking charge of the local / home grown movement that I try to support.

Bill makes and brines his own foie gras overnight.  This was served over a fresh bean and artichoke salad topped with flakes of sea salt.
Bill brought locally sourced ingredients such as duck eggs that a friend produces just for him!
The duck eggs top asparagus and are complimented with prosciutto made in the US (that rivals that made in Italy) as well as a super simple dressing made with ramps.

The third course was great.  A salad with roasted peaches, pork belly and walnuts... it doesn't get much better.
This is a plate of "leftovers" that Bill threw together for the "helpers" so he wouldn't waste food.  Not too shabby.
The final savory course was the most bold.  I believe this beef is a US version of Kobe - pan seared in a matter of minutes.  When these came off the heat, they were allowed to rest and beet greens were tossed in the same skillets.
The beef was sliced, served with the greens, cherries, beets and a local blue.  His plated version is pretty but the plate below for the "help" was delicous!!
Last but not least was an elegant strawberry shortcake.  Possibly my favorite dessert of all though sadly there were no shortcakes left over...  I guess that will warrant a visit to the restaurant in the near future.


  1. I'm so glad I came to check out your blog, what an amazing post!!! I love the menu and your photos are superb!! I just donated a dinner(to be delivered) with wine to be auctioned at a charity event and am wondering what would carry well? Any ideas?

  2. Anonymous10.6.10

    Awesome pictures Lauren! I love the black and white one of Bill. Your blog is great!
    Andrea Dinan

  3. Anonymous10.6.10

    Who's that hot chick helping Bill in the last photo? She must be a model or something.

  4. Anonymous10.6.10

    Excellent photos and write up of my favorite chef. I agree, the blonde chick IS hot.