July 29, 2010

Cozy Into a Seat at the Dressing Room

By this point everyone has heard great reviews about the Dressing Room now a Westport staple and feeder to the Playhouse crowd.  Founded by beloved Westport native Paul Neuman as a place for great food with friends that's not overly dressy... With this said, I think it's often forgotten how great sitting at the bar can be for a date night dinner or girls night out for cocktails and dessert.  We went the other night for a late dinner.  There are almost always 2 seats at the bar, given a play isn't beginning within the next few minutes.  Bottles of organic wine and liqueur sit in front of glowing amber glass that casts just the right kind of light.

I've never had a bad meal at this little gem.  Always organic and local whenever possible, the menu lets you know what farm or town the food is coming from.  The small plates are great to sample a few types of dishes and still have room for dessert (which are ALWAYS fantastic).

Pardon the grainy pics I was inspired to chat about the Dressing Room after having a great dinner there last week.  The food has inspired a few dishes I'd like to make in the next few days.

Above was a GREAT combination! It was like a bloody mary Greek salad fest!  First of all the martini I ordered under the pretense that if I didn't like it I could have something else.  It was a dirty cucumber martini described as a Greek salad in a glass.  And yes it was exactly that & oddly delicious!  So I thought the local tomato salad would be an awesome compliment to my cocktail & yes it was!  Fresh local heirloom tomatoes, served with fresh local goat cheese, ripped basil & salt and pepper - that's it.  Perfectly fresh and cooling to have on the scorcher of a night we dined!

I'm going to make this.  I know it looks terrible in my pic but bear with me.  This is one large "ravioli" filled with a lemon herb ricotta mixture.  On top is like a succotash, with peas, mushrooms, corn and zucchini!  All of this rests in a lemony, oliveoily, parmeseamy sauce served not hot but warm.  I think this will be very easy to make at home especially for guests because the parts can all be made ahead of time. 

I admit I was a bit envious of Chris's dinner.  This was a local organic, grass fed beef burger served on a fresh bun with smoky cheddar, smoked bacon and a fried egg.  Ladies & Gents it really doesn't get much better!  The portion size is great, it's not overwhelming and leaves you wanting 1 more bit of smoky goodness.  Well you'll just have to go back for it some other time!

My favorite part of most any dinner is dessert.  I have even been known to eat dessert first.  I ALWAYS have room for a bite of sweet goodness.  Some have even said I have a little dessert compartment to hold a couple of bites.  Eating at the Dressing Room I'm a little extra vigilant to save room.  There's not one thing that I would not order.  In this case it's the Naughty Angel.... Angel food cake pan seared in butter, homemade vanilla ice cream on a drizzle of local golden brown honey...  It's really heavenly and just the right amount of sweetness.  I actually ended up topping it with the peaches from Chris's dessert (He doesn't do peaches).  

Go on give it a try, you won't be sorry... 


  1. the ravioli! my kind of meal!

  2. Thanks for the review! I have a college friend visiting in early September and we're planning on trying The Dressing Room then! Is one night better than the next?... or is it great any night?

  3. You can call and check but I think most Friday nights Paul Neuman's daughter sings live jazz. Our dinner on Saturday night was great!! Have fun

  4. My mouth is watering from the martini... to the pan fried angel food cake, WOW. Great read!