July 16, 2010

Mother Nature At Work - Happy As A Bee In A Flower

My pole beans are just starting to emerge.  I LOVE how TINY these little beans are! They are like tiny drop of goodness on their way to be full grown.  Every time I go out to my garden I'm amazed at Mother Nature's process for getting things done!

This morning I followed this bee around, he was LOVING all of the bean blossoms.  I don't think he could be any more happy!

When he first started out he didn't have any pollen collected and by the time he was finished pollen covered his little hairy body.

In my tiny 4' x 12' garden I also make sure I have flowers.  Just enough to add some color.  Hopefully I should have color from now until September!  There are enough to always have a fresh blossom at home as well as left for nature.
This is where all the magic happens.  Right now there are quit a bit of things going on! Carrots both burgundy & orange, beets both golden and red, shallots, onions, cauliflower, beans, tomatoes, chard, green peppers, herbs and I'm sure a few more things that I'm missing.  How is your garden growing?


  1. Your close up photos....a tutorial in beans. I always think these little gems as thrilling as a Chocoletier (sp.) shop. I like the way you eat..much like our style. Happy for you.

  2. You were the shadow to my light
    Did you feel us
    Another start
    You fade away
    Afraid our aim is out of sight
    Wanna see us

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