July 1, 2010

My Culinary Toolbox

It's hard sometime to be an apartment dweller in an urban environment & a lover of all things green.  I'm fortunate that my place gets GREAT light for plants.  Herbs on the other hand never do well for me inside.  Each year I crave the day, usually around June 1st that I can put out my herb box on our small balcony.  Since we are on the water and it's very windy on most days, I try and pick flowers and plants that will hold up to heat, bright sun and wind.  I also like herbs that are going to spill over the edges.  Here's a taste of some of what I have growing.  Everything is a small scale perfect for an accent or a cocktail.  The 2 basil plants Siam Queen and Lemon Basil  go well with savory and sweet dishes and cocktails.  They also have great unexpected flavor.
The larger more hearty herbs I keep up at the community garden.  These include mints and balms.  I plant them in their own pots that are sunk into the ground. I've found that they overtake my small boxes as much as I like to have them around.
I pack the herbs and trim often to encourage new growth.  I love how the thyme creeps over the edges.



  1. hi Lauren, your herbs look great, I came to get your buttermilk salad dressing recipe for tonight's salad, maybe I'll add some fresh herbs!