August 17, 2010

Morning Butterfly Shot!!

Last night I was all set to make a roasted chicken dinner full on with roasted potatoes and veggies!  Well when I took my organic free range Whole Food's chicken out of the package I had to move on to plan B.  The chicken was BAD, yuck!!  I thought about quickly running to the store to exchange but frankly it wouldn't be all that quick and I was so disgusted, I couldn't bear the thought of having chicken.  So I still roasted potatoes and instead made a backup scramble (literally) with ham, garlic & onion, tomatoes, herbs, & Parmesan.

This is a long story as to why I'm not posting food today.  I wanted to show the baked chicken (the only way I really eat chicken).  All though the scramble tasted great, it didn't look all that pretty to show a photo of :(

SO, When I was out at my garden this morning I shot this monarch who was sunning his wings getting ready for the day.  I thought it was a great reminder of how animals always take time to prep themselves for their day and we often do not.  I'm sure you watch your dog or cat do long stretches in the morning.  So I took a little inspiration and might find a little more time in my morning to do just this!

August 13, 2010

Stylish Colorful Inspiration for Today!!

I love tear sheets from magazines.  Even though digital is taking over I still find ways to collect images and surround myself with inspiration.  Here are a few shots that show wonderful use of color.  I'm such a color person, in everything I do there is so essence of color.  Some of the pics you'll recognize - some might be new.  I don't always keep track of where or who they came from.  I kind of like the though of them simply as interiors or great shots, it keeps them from becoming all about the who what where or when...

I always love how purple rooms look in photos yet I don't really like to live in purple rooms.  I painted my bathroom a lighter shad of this and it totally DID NOT WORK. Yet, I LOVE this photo!

Talk about RED!!! When I'm through with renting I'm totally having a red room.  This room looks like the walls could be done in silk - divine!  I probably wouldn't have chosen the green for the couch - yet here we are again, it totally works!

So simple - the walls look like they could be done in a beautiful Venetian plaster finish... mmmm Godiva.

How much do you wish that you could go to a dinner party all dressed up in this room?!

I love all of Jamie Drake's interiors - so simple.  Some day I would love to have a few of these prints... Some day.

August 9, 2010

A Genuine Farm Dinner in Madison

One man and a truck at Barberry Hill Farm in Madison cooking for 150 people, yes I flocked to one of the many Dinner at the Farm meals.  Dinner was prepared by Chef Jonathan Rapp of the River Tavern in Chester, CT.  On a side note, I ate at the River Tavern years ago and have dreamed of going back it's just a hike from Norwalk.  I bought our tickets back in March anticipating a CT summer bounty that the farm would yield.  Before I even had a seed planted I was dreaming of fresh picked tomatoes still warm from the afternoon sun to be served with some sort of fresh cheese (which was one of the courses).  These dinners have become an important part to the CT farmers who host the dinners.  Once a state rich in farmland, CT (farm) land has been stripped replaced with industry and homes.  All of the food served at the dinner was either grown on the farm or fished from the sound.  Proceeds from the event go to  CitySeed, Connecticut Farmland Trust and Working Lands Alliance
The evening began with a cocktails and a mix of piping hot fritters, fried chicken and a walk around the farm.

We strolled through the fields but came back quick to get fresh apps from the back of the truck.
I couldn't tell if there were 10 people or 100, every dish come out seconds from being cooked.
Yes, it is a real working farm complete with chickens, sheep, bunnies & a baby cow.
There are also fields of gorgeous flowers that welcome you as you drive into the farm.
We were called to the table via a cow bell.  The starter, a mix of fruit including tomatoes was topped with a beautiful light dressing.  Sitting family style we were paired with people from NY to MA.
Fresh squid & scallops from the sound.  Each course was appropriately filling and gave a taste as to what was in season that day.
For a romp off the beaten path farm dinners are a welcome distraction to city dwellers & a reminder of what CT really has to offer.

August 4, 2010

LeFarm's Chef Stages "Underground" Dinners

The secret is out! Chef Bill Taibe of LeFarm in Westport has a series of Souterrain [soo-tuh-reyn - underground] dinners planned to take place over the next few months.  Each secret happening will take place at different undisclosed venues throughout the area.  The day before guests receive an address of where to go.  Sunday kicked off the first of many.  I received a message containing an address in Rowayton, CT which led me to a private residence on the water.  
Evening sun welcomed guests as night began with LeFarm style cocktails served in mason jars.  Taibe along with a handful of his staff pulled off dinner that featured local farm veggies & creatures from the land and sea.
For more information about Souterrain check out their website and find them on Facebook.

"effortless elegance"

Bill plating oysters to be topped with fritters even a "Southern" girl can appreciate!
Homemade cracker jaks & corn gelato complimented zuchini cakes drizzled & topped with caramel & salt for dessert.
A beautiful and unexpected way to end the evening talking to new friends, eating great food lounging by a pool.