August 4, 2010

LeFarm's Chef Stages "Underground" Dinners

The secret is out! Chef Bill Taibe of LeFarm in Westport has a series of Souterrain [soo-tuh-reyn - underground] dinners planned to take place over the next few months.  Each secret happening will take place at different undisclosed venues throughout the area.  The day before guests receive an address of where to go.  Sunday kicked off the first of many.  I received a message containing an address in Rowayton, CT which led me to a private residence on the water.  
Evening sun welcomed guests as night began with LeFarm style cocktails served in mason jars.  Taibe along with a handful of his staff pulled off dinner that featured local farm veggies & creatures from the land and sea.
For more information about Souterrain check out their website and find them on Facebook.

"effortless elegance"

Bill plating oysters to be topped with fritters even a "Southern" girl can appreciate!
Homemade cracker jaks & corn gelato complimented zuchini cakes drizzled & topped with caramel & salt for dessert.
A beautiful and unexpected way to end the evening talking to new friends, eating great food lounging by a pool.  


  1. Home-made cracker jacks! Awesome :)

  2. yeah, tell me about it!

  3. that all looks amazing!

  4. what an amazing event! and your photos make it look even more so! wow, would love to go to something like that!

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