August 13, 2010

Stylish Colorful Inspiration for Today!!

I love tear sheets from magazines.  Even though digital is taking over I still find ways to collect images and surround myself with inspiration.  Here are a few shots that show wonderful use of color.  I'm such a color person, in everything I do there is so essence of color.  Some of the pics you'll recognize - some might be new.  I don't always keep track of where or who they came from.  I kind of like the though of them simply as interiors or great shots, it keeps them from becoming all about the who what where or when...

I always love how purple rooms look in photos yet I don't really like to live in purple rooms.  I painted my bathroom a lighter shad of this and it totally DID NOT WORK. Yet, I LOVE this photo!

Talk about RED!!! When I'm through with renting I'm totally having a red room.  This room looks like the walls could be done in silk - divine!  I probably wouldn't have chosen the green for the couch - yet here we are again, it totally works!

So simple - the walls look like they could be done in a beautiful Venetian plaster finish... mmmm Godiva.

How much do you wish that you could go to a dinner party all dressed up in this room?!

I love all of Jamie Drake's interiors - so simple.  Some day I would love to have a few of these prints... Some day.