September 16, 2010

Fall Gardening - A Third Growing Season!!

Purple Cauliflower grown from seed!
Fall is here and it's a great time to plant cool weather crops!  My rainbow cauliflower is almost ready for picking. I have 3 more plants that are just getting ready to produce heads hopefully they will be different colors!
These are all new plantings from my plot in the Fodor Farm Community Garden in Norwalk, CT.  The plot sizes are 4'x12' which seems small but has been giving me a bounty since May!
Salad Greens
These are some salad greens that I'm going to have to thin once they get a bit bigger.  I planted these 2 weeks ago.  Nice to see how they are coming along!
Ruby Chard
Beautiful little Ruby Chard seedlings just coming up.  These were also planted 2 weeks ago.  Of everything I've planted I've gotten the most bang from the chard and the spinach.  I can't wait!

Some radishes.  I'm going to pickle some of these for salads later in the season!  I'm also going to scatter radish seeds over the garden when everything comes out to add nutrients for next growing season.

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  1. Gorgeous cauliflower! I knew you could grow things in the fall but I never thought to try my hand at it. Is it too late for this year?