September 19, 2010

FoodBuzz - Project Food Blog First Challenge

This is it, a little backwards but that’s OK – my fist blog post (keep reading).  It's been a desire of mine to blog since 2003.  For one reason or another I have never had time to put one together until I decided to make time.  So right before Christmas last year I put myself out there and registered!  Shortly after beginning my blog I signed up to be part of the food blogger community at 

A few months ago FoodBuzz announced a competition to be the “next food blog star”.  I didn’t start blogging to become a star, I started blogging to have a creative outlet.  Now that I've gotten into regularly (4-5 times a week) writing and posting about food, I love it!  So why not give this competition a shot?

With that said, I’m very excited to enter this contest.  (drum roll) I’m announcing this post as my first official entry.  Here is the challenge:  This is it! Your very first entry and we're giving you a chance to tell the world: what defines you as a food blogger and why should you be the next food blog star?  I would love all of your support to help keep me in this competition as long as I am welcome!  Please don’t forget to vote - Details at the end!!

 The topics that define my blog are Cooking, Growing, Dining Out and Lifestyle 

chatNchow isn’t strictly a blog about one aspect of food like cooking, baking or eating out.  It’s more like the ongoing dialog that happens around food.  At the root of it all, I do love to cook, drink and be around food.  I got the cooking bug early and it hasn’t gone away.  I like most people have a busy lifestyle – my blog is my fun it’s not a “day job”.  Most evenings during the week I try to cook a healthy dinner that will be satisfying to me and my fiancé.  Dinner is always an adventure and it’s not too often that I make the same thing twice.  As much as I LOVE looking at cookbooks I don’t like to follow strict recipes so there is always something that I do to make a recipe my own.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't – I share it all.

(Images of my food top to bottom: A summery gin and cucumber fizz, my take on a BLT, homey quick pasta with shrimp, poached grey sole please click on links to view full stories)

This is the first year I have been able to grow a substantial amount of my own food organically!  A big part of my cooking focuses on organic, local and sustainably grown or farmed food.  I have a 4’x12’ plot in a community garden where I can grow whatever I want!  This year has been thrilling to pull veggies on almost a daily basis and cook them within minutes!  

Another thrill I get from growing my own veggies are the COLORS that come from the tiny seeds I plant.  It’s like tasting the rainbow.  Since I’m a designer at heart I find the colors thrilling!

 (Here are some of my photos of veggies I've grown)

Dining Out
What girl doesn’t like to go out to eat?  I LOVE going out for breakfast, lunch and dinner (please don’t forget about cocktails and dessert)!  Living in CT close to NYC there is a fantastic food scene.  We also have a lot of farms that many of the restaurants pull from.  When a chef is passionate about what he’s cooking no matter if he’s in a food cart or in a 4 star restaurant it shows and makes the food taste that much better knowing it was made with heart.  I always have some sort of camera with me – My cameras range from a cell phone to a digital SLR.

This is the chat part of chatNchow.  Style and Design take up most of my time.  At my core I’m an artist and designer, I always have been.  During the day I design gorgeous kitchens that are quite contemporary (I have yet to design my own).  I also design and style parties and jewelry – you can say I have my hands in a little of everything.  My creative juices are forever flowing.  I like mixing in a bit of this lifestyle chat into my blog because it’s who I am and it’s important to me.  These little chats can range from talking about a project I’m working on or an amazing piece of art I just discovered (and covet) to a party I just styled.  

The majority of the photography on the site is also mine.  It’s been a huge learning curve as I’m not a “photographer” by trade!  Food can be challenging to shoot so it’s always interesting to see the images loaded on my computer!  I always strive for a beautiful photo that best represents my subject.

(Images of lifestyle top to bottom: Woodland Wedding I recently styled, one of my contemporary kitchen designs, amazing chandelier I want for my dining room by Bodo Sperlein, glimpse of a baker on the Amalfi Coast please click on links to view full stories)


So I hope this helps give a clear picture of me and – good food and good chat.  Here’s the link to vote!  Check back often to see more posts & to keep me in the competition!

Bon Appetite!!


  1. Stunning photos, Lauren. I think you'll be a contender. Good luck!

  2. You got my vote! Cheers and aloha.

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  4. Andrea20.9.10

    I want to eat everything you took photos of!!! YUM :D can't wait to read more!

  5. Anonymous20.9.10

    Great post! And your pictures are all fabulous. I voted for you! =)

    Good luck!

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  6. Thanks so much for all of the VOTE love!!

  7. I've also been growing some of my own organic food this year, and I love it! What a beautiful blog you have :)

  8. I cant decide if I am voting for your hair or your blog, but both are fabulous!!!

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  14. Thank you for all of your kind votes & compliments :)

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    Best of luck,

  17. It's fun reading everone's first challenge post. Thanks for sharing your vision. Best of luck in the competition.

  18. Wow, great photos. That gin and cucumber fizz looks incredible! I'm a huge gin and tonic fan -- looks like it's time to step up my game! Do you have any great fall cocktail recipes?