September 7, 2010

Red Lulu - South Norwalk has a New Hot Mama!

Ocean Drive has been closed for quite some time leaving the vast restaurant real estate vacant.  Living in South Norwalk, I hate seeing all of the empty storefronts!  So when I heard about Red Lulu opening I couldn't wait to check it out.  Lulu strutted in over the long weekend with splash and hype! Red carpet, fancy Ferrari cars parked out front and lots of glam. Byram's Lolita Cocina is the sister to this newcomer and if anything can be expected based on just this it's good tequila, good food & a good time. 

With tons of amazing tequilas there are several signature margaritas to try as well as tequilas to sip by the glass.  To sop up some of the drinks be sure to try the food.  Typical Mexican fare is dressed up to match the lux feel. 

Red Lulu is now open for all your margarita needs!  You'll find her on Washington Street in South Norwalk nestled between Strada 18 & Donovans!


  1. looks amazing - I'll have to stop by!

  2. These drinks look beautiful! It has to be 5 o'clock somewhere because this is making me want to try one! Great pictures all along your blog, love it!

  3. If I am every out that way...looks like a great place :)

  4. Ooh, Red Lulu sounds nice. And those drinks look and sound even more nice (smile)!

  5. Andrew30.10.10

    Has anyone visited there?
    I was there...

    I also love to see new storefronts in South Norwalk, but they really need to turn down the music volume on Friday and Saturday nights! Focus on the food and service, don't bury us with the volume. I know they're focusing on "the experience", but the experience is diminished if it's too loud to hold a conversation with your companion without yelling.

    I was out with a friend, so as it's a "mexican cocina & tequila bar", I ordered a tequila sunrise at the bar. Unfortunately, the bartender said she didn't know how to make one.

  6. TOO LOUD! Turn down the music! Terrible sound system cranking out a strange mix of tunes. We left after 30 minutes because we could hold a conversation in the bar area. Everyone was yelling to be heard. My ears are still ringing the next day... awful experience. We heard the food is great-- never even got to sit down though because of the obnoxious music. Here's a tip: the atmosphere is cool-- you don't need to pound us with horrible music to make it hipper. Go to NYC and visit a lounge-- nobody plays music that loud.

  7. Anonymous2.5.11

    We went to see what the hype was about, the music is too loud. The food was not what everyone said it was, we didn't even finish our meal because of the loud and not very good music. This is not the place if you're over 18 and are not deaf.