October 13, 2010

Living Local

For those of you that don't know, I live in CT.  I grew up in CT went to college in RI and came back.  I chose a town that is easy to commute from (I used to do the NYC commute by train and it's not all that bad) and has a lot to offer.  We have tons of local parks and beaches all within walking distance.  The other offering of my small little town is GREAT food!  One of the places that happens to be diagonally across the street from me is SoNo Baking Co. which is totally a local place.  The head baker and owner John Barricelli (of Martha Stewart fame) is a long time CT resident.  I often overlook this (quite sizeable) bakery simply because I'm used to it!  This morning I was craving one of their currant scones & a coffee so I took myself on a little stroll before work (hence the iphone photos instead of my normal dslr).
One thing that many of the resturaunts in SoNo (South Norwalk) highlight is the cooking of the food.  Many of the places have bars and windows that look into the busy cooking world.  SoNo Baking is no different.  They have huge glass windows with stools and counters so you can peer in and watch treats being made as you wait & eat your food.  It's quite charming.
This morning one of the guys was making the scones right as I walked it!  I love the balance of buttery dough, to currant to lemony flavor.  It's really perfect - If I do say so!
SoNo Baking supplies bread to TONS of restaurants in the area so they are a huge producer of all sorts of loaves and rolls.  These look like some sorts of whole wheat bread.
I might take some inspiration from this amazing Focaccia.  How good does it look?!
Of course along with all of the baking are countless types of tarts and sugary confections.  I love that each has its own personality and is done a bit different from the next!  This morning was a great reminder to myself to put down the Starbucks coffee & pumpkin loaf and go live local.  Also another friendly reminder the Project FoodBuzz is still going on so please don't forget to cast your votes!