October 21, 2010

Urban Elegance - Souterrain Part Deux

A couple of weeks ago, le Farm's second Souterrain dinner sold out within a few hours (I didn't even know it went on sale!).  It's definitely got buzz - and followers!  Lucky for you (and me), I got to go behind the scenes to check out this feast!  The dinner was held at a small abandoned space in the Wall Street part of Norwalk - part of the space I didn't even know existed.  Days before the dinner, Chef Bill Taibe's crew began transforming the hidden rooms into an intimate urban foodie oasis.  The contrast of the space (complete with graffiti & lots of candles) along with the elegance of the food fit the model for this "underground" event.  To set the mood, spiced pear and bourbon cocktails were muddled and poured for guests as they arrived.  The entire menu consisted of lush fall flavors that fit right in with the cozy surroundings.
When the food was served guests were armed not with forks but with cameras and phones.
A quiet prep moment...
Piping hot butternut soup was served up right in front of guests from a cauldron.
I got to sample some of the blood sausage that topped this fall salad.  I've always been a bit squeamish around this but decided to give it another try.  Totally worth it!  The outside was crunchy and the inside was amazingly light not to mention all of the other complimentary flavors and textures in the salad. 
Everything about the dinner was unexpected!  I loved watching this total urban space transform into a chic backdrop for a terrific evening.  When the sun set there was a wonderful glow within.  If you're interested in attending one of these underground dinners email is the way to go: ffoodllc@optonline.net.  Send an email expressing your interest and they'll let you know when tickets will go on sale!
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