December 21, 2010

Where to Eat on Vacation

View Cancun Eats in a larger map

I love planning where I'm going to eat on vacation.  Last year in Italy, I carried around a piece of paper with lists organized by type, price, neighborhood etc.  This little list went with me everywhere!!  This year I've gotten a little more "with it".  

I started making my list not with pen and paper but my iphone.  I then realized I should be doing this in google, so I could pull up the list on my phone, Chris's phone or any computer!  So I started plugging my list into google and voila, my running list of where to eat in Cancun!  This is where my inner geek totally comes out.  Now wherever I am, I can pull my map up on my phone and I will see exactly where I am in relation to my next meal - brilliant.

This is my little gift from me to you!  

There is also a feature which allows other people to add destinations to the map.  So by all means, I welcome suggestions of where to eat on my next trip!


  1. Did you know you can change the blue pins to display with different colors and different icons? You could color code types of restaurants!

    I just create a general interest map for our vacations, so I use different icons for food (knife & fork), scenic points of interest (camera), shopping (shopping bag) etc.

    Have a great trip!