September 8, 2011

My first Brimfield Trip

I Finally got to attend Brimfield!!! I've been a bit neglectful of chatNchow.  There's been so many exciting things happening in my life between changing jobs and getting married something had to give. I'm back & it feels great! I'm starting with an exciting post that I shared over at the Teroforma blog. yesterday I finally attended Brimfield. I'm totally a New England girl. I grew up in a houseful of antiques and never thought I might like to spend a day traipsing through the rain and cold to find more!
Above are some of the pictures that I captured. The best finds came from the Lunt factory that recently closed down. I found parts used in their manufacturing process including wooden trays that held the flatware along the production line.  I also found 2 die cast 18" bright red letters, a C and an L for guess who.  I also found the most gorgeous french linen grain sack! Brimfield is still going on through the weekend so if you haven't been I highly suggest going.  You're just in time to miss the rain and enjoy some nice weather!