About Me

I love to cook.  You name it I'll (try to) cook it!
With that said, I also love to eat & photograph what I cook.  Back in 2009 I started chatNchow as an outlet for these photographs. One thing has lead to another and now photography is part of my daily life weather it's snapping a moment with my phone, capturing a great meal out or photographing cocktails for Teroforma. Out of college I  began styling sets and photoshoots for Martha Stewart and Food & Wine Magazine. After leaving the magazine I really missed styling shoots everyday so I decided to style and photograph my own!

Increasingly over the past few years having the access to organic and sustainable food has become extremely important to me.  To support this (expensive) goal during the spring, summer and fall I try to grow most of the vegetables we (a hungry husband & dog) eat.  I have a tiny plot (4' x 8') in a community garden that I'm able to get most of this from! I'm guilty of growing veggies that are petite & colorful just because I love the way they look.

The above pics give a pretty good snapshot of things I love. Cupcakes, color & travel and of course my dog and my newlywed life are all pretty good things. I'm obsessed with finding rainbows and last summer in Maine I actually found the end of two!! I look forward to when the Anthropologie catalog arrives in my mailbox. Dinners out aren't too shabby especially if I'm taken to a great place in New York. I do enjoy cocktails if they're not too sweet and I prefer a nice dry white wine to red. Truth be told, I'll eat more frosting than cake. Life's pretty sweet!

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